Sunday, December 29, 2013

Sidney just turned 6...

I can't believe it has been SIX years since I brought home the cutest puppy ever! I remember like yesterday how nervous I was to leave my deposit with Nancy and how beyond proud and excited I was the day I got to bring her home and show her to my family and co-workers--she really was SO cute!

I had no idea at the time that she would go above and beyond filling the space in my heart that was broken when I handed over my 1st guide dog puppy to her forever person. Sidney is that once in a lifetime dog that has taught me so much and although spoiled ROTTEN, she will never get as much from me as she has given me.

She has given me a few heart-stopping moments along our journey (christmas spent in the ER, visits to the neuro vet etc...), but she has also made me super proud by being a super fast learner who absolutely loves nothing more in her life than to "train" and be learning new tricks or obedience commands, well, that and getting CHEESE from anyone who will oblige!

She has her CDX obedience title and RA Rally title currently and will be working toward her Pre-Utility title next month at the Rose City Dog shows and eventually we will get the last leg of her Rally Excellent title..She is capable of trying out Utility, but since her vets advised no jumping due to her disc issue in her back, we will settle for Pre-Utility because the jumps are 12"! That's nothing for the jumping bean named Sidney!

Over the past year Sid has become REALLgrey in the muzzle-she looks like her "momma Jewel" more and more every year. It makes me really sad, but she is still perfect and full of energy!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

One post a year..

Ive failed as a blogger! I'm trying to get back into it though!

In the past year Sidney has been training very hard to get ready to show in Utility...In the meantime she got her Rally Novice Title and has 2 Rally Advanced Legs. I think she looks at us like "why are we going so slow" in Rally, but I really wanted to keep her in the ring and busy while we perfected the "go out" and those pesky scent articles.

We had decided to work extra hard and enter her in the June Canby show and we're really excited she finally "had" her directed jumping pretty consistently and we were practicing extra days each week to put it all together. Around 10 days ago we noticed she was favoring a back leg while heeling--slightly toe touching and holding the leg back farther than normal. I decided to rest her for a few days and then this week we went to her vet...

Our vet examined her and believes she has a tear in her knee, he advised we not let her do any jumping since she already has signs of scar tissue and arthritis in one knee. We're very very sad to have to retire her from obedience when she's SO close to entering utility and lives for her training, but we don't want her in pain.

So, we're off to see an orthopedic specialist on Saturday and see what needs to be done long term: in the mean time we're on day 3 of no training and attempting to keep her "quiet". Sidney is not a slow moving dog--eveything she does includes some sort of hop, jump, bounce or run..We're practicing slooow walks and hope we can manage her injury and not have to subject her to a really painful, expensive surgery.

My super-smart, awesome competition dog will no longer get to do what she loves every week, but I hope we can heal her and still do some showing in Rally and maybe some nosework-anything to keep her mind busy. I do think she might love her water therapy a little too much, so we will see how that goes...

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Back to Blogging..

(Sidney and half sister, Stark!)

Wow! I took a very long time off from blogging about my red girl! Where to start!? Sidney is now "Seidlers Sidney Roo CDX"..She got her AKC Open title in October and we have been slowly working toward being able to compete in "Utility". <p>

(Claudi and Sidney)

Sidney turned 4 in November, and although she is eager-as-ever to learn and please me, she has gotten soo grey in the muzzle-it makes me so sad! She had an appointment with a chiropractor last month and it's been amazing how much better she's felt since one adjustment!! I am still very careful when jumping her and am keeping up on her visits to Rubi-the most amazing massage therapist!<p>

In the past few months Sidney has been doing alot of training, swimming at the pool, vacationing at the mountain and playing with all of the dogs I bring home! In January, her dog-dad passed away suddenly. We were all very sad as he was a simply amazing, gorgeous, smart boy who gave me one of the smartest dog's I've ever met.. Jake had sired a litter prior to his passing-6 gorgeous yellow labs-somehow I talked myself out of getting another one..My heart is set on another red lab sometime soon though! <p>
Sidneys Mom and Dad (RIP)

Sidney is going to a "fun match" this weekend..It will only be her 2nd time in the ring doing utility exercises. The exercises in utilitity (very briefly explained):

1-Signal exercises (heeling off leash, stopping in a stand-handler walks away and then the dog must down, sit, come all by hand signals.

2 & 3-Scent discrimination--multiple dumbbells are set out with the handler having "scented" one dumbbell--Sidney has to pick the correct one and bring it back!

4-Directed Retrieve--3 white gloves are set out in the ring, the handler points to the glove the judge calls out and Sidney has to go retrieve the glove and bring it back!

5-Moving stand/exam-off leash heeling is halted and Sidney is told to stand, stay--handler walks away and the judge will "examine" Sidney and then she must come to a heel position.

6-Directed jumping--Sidney will be told to "go out" (ie: run out to the other side of the ring, turn around and sit) the judge will then say which jump to send the dog over and Sidney must go over a jump by looking for a hand signal.

Sidney's been doing great at off leash heeling, signals, stand/exam..We have some work to do on articles and directed jumping, but part of the fun is watching her learn!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Bored Sidney...

Sidney cut the pad on one of her front feet a few days ago (not sure how!)...She started out a little pathetic, now day 3 of not going anywhere and she's driving me nuts!!

She repeatedly brings me her leash, when i put it back-I get it again! Then the "talking" begins..She thinks i am not understanding what she wants--but i do!!...We tried working on her tricks, tried heeling in the front yard, tried getting her to play with the puppy, i tried explaining to her that she has obedience class tomorrow so she needs to heal her paw...Nothing is making the princess happy! She wants to WALK!.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A look back..

Some of the dogs who I have shared my house with over the past 6 years..

Jake(RIP) Fizz(RIP)

Simon Autumn
Emmy Claudine

Natara Quebec

Tandy Marina Dinah Doug

Zuni Vona

Jethro Moxie

Chihuahua Bentley!

Sidney Roo..

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sidney Sidney..

Sid has been quite bored since i have been home on sick leave..she makes sure I know it by "talking" to me whenever she feels like she has not had enough training..This dog LIVES to learn new things and loves to go grab her leash and show it to you so you will train her..Walks are "ok" and she recently discovered she likes to run off lead at the baseball field, but training is her love in life!

Last time we counted she knew almost 100 words...I'll have to think on that again..The dog picks up words WAY too fast...We recently taught her to grab us a kleenex when we sneeze--its a work in progress as the kleenex doesn't always make it all the way to you...however, the other day my mom was over and SIDNEY sneezed--i told her "god bless you" and she grabbed herself a kleenex....pretty entertaining..We had just been making a sneezing sound to cue her to get the kleenex, but apparently she learned 'god bless you'...

She pretty much rules the humans in this house, however, her sisters Claudi and Moxie beat her up every chance they get! ;-)

My foster puppies for the past 2 weeks got adopted on Saturday...I miss them...they were so dang cute!!

Thursday, March 3, 2011